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I just purchased the pdf yesterday and realized that Escape from Dino Island was not yet listed on I submitted the entries to the database, maybe you would like to add some images over there :)

Entries can be found at (item entry for the pdf, could use a cover image) and (RPGGeek usually uses Logos as representative images, so maybe the "Escape from Dino Island" lettering could be added there?).

Really looking forward to trying your game soon. I was searching for a dino themed game forever, and I already like PbtA games like Dungeon World. Your game seems like a match made in heaven ;)

Cool — thanks for submitting them! We'll definitely give 'em a nice polish with some art.

Hope you enjoy the game when you give it a shot. Thanks for purchasing!


This is possibly the best example of short form theme first pbta I've ever seen. Love it. Will be playing at the nearest opportunity!

Wow, thanks! Let us know how your game goes!


I'm heavily leaning toward a time-travelling dinosaur cult. Because they'll never see it coming!